The Senator representing Rivers East Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Senator George Sekibo, has questioned how possible it is for Peter Obi to win the 2023 presidential election with the Labour Party which doesn’t even have an office in his state.

In a video shared on YouTube by Symfoni TV, Senator Sekibo said Labour Party doesn’t have the structure and national spread to secure victory. Using Rivers State to buttress his point, he said Labour Party doesn’t have an office in any of the polling units, electoral wards, and local government areas in the state so he doesn’t think Peter Obi has a realistic chance of winning in 2023


About 9:00 minutes into the video, Senator Sekibo said “These individuals who are contesting elections, they are not contesting election because they are (sic), they are contesting because a group of people called a political party is bringing them forth.

PDP has a spread in this country everywhere, APC has a spread in this country everywhere but Labour Party: they don’t have office in my state, local government area, ward and in my unit… You need people that will be your agents, now if you don’t have the spread across the whole country you might get some major votes from certain areas but that will not give you the victory. You need to get an agent in every polling unit, you need to get canvassers in every polling unit. Ask those who are making all these shouts on social media which ward do they come from, which unit do they come from, we are not going to vote on the internet, we are going to vote in our unit”.


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