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About Us

ABN TV is an online electronic and print media platform devoted to amplifying the voice of the rural community, effecting development, and holding the government accountable to the people.

We have seasoned and committed journalists in our employ, giving us a flavour of professional uniqueness.

ABN TV is an online news platform owned and operated by FAKZY Media Nig Ltd. With a flair for developmental journalism, our core focus is to make a difference through accurate and unbiased reportage of events within and around Nigeria to attract the needed attention and action.

ABN TV creates room for full participation of the people as a well-articulated effort to advance citizen journalism and bring to the front burner those developmental concerns — security, infrastructure, education, harmful cultural practices, etc that inhibit their general advancement. Peopled with a team of seasoned media practitioners with a solid background in electronic and print, ABN TV is not oblivious of its duty as a virile media organisation in playing the role of watchdog, holding those in government to account as well as exposing underhand dealings in the society. With a slant for South East region of Nigeria, the media platform also uses its expertise to train and mentor young journalists to contribute their quota in the conversation for a more workable and equal Nigerian society.