Russia Expects Common Sense To Prevent EU From Proceeding With Visa Ban Idea – Vladimir Chizhov


Moscow expects common sense to prevent European Union countries from proceeding with the idea of banning the issuance of visas to Russian nationals, Russian Permanent Representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov told the Rossiya-24 TV channel on Thursday. "I do expect that the elements of common sense that still persist in European Union countries will prevent them from proceeding with...

Latvian Parliament Declares Russia A State Sponsor Of Terrorism


The Parliament of Latvia (the Saeima) has declared Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, the parliament said in a statement published on its official website on Thursday. On August 11, the Saeima adopted a statement, which recognizes activities of Russian troops in Ukraine as terrorism and declares "Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism." "The Saeima's statement calls on EU countries...

Russian Diplomat Warns US Against Interfering In Investigations In Other Countries


Washington should not interfere in investigations conducted in other countries the way it’s not interfering in an investigation into former US President Donald Trump, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on Telegram on Monday. "Why then do they interfere in other investigations? Since the White House and the Department of State don’t interfere in US probes, they should also...

Russia-India Relations Develop In Spirit Of Strategic Partnership — Putin

Wagner Crisis Shows Ukraine War ‘Cracking Russian Power’ — EU

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated his Indian counterpart Draupadi Murma and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 75th anniversary of the republic's independence, according to a message published on Monday on the Kremlin website. "In the decades since your country became independent, it has achieved widely acknowledged progress in a variety of areas, including the economy, social sphere, science and...

Ukrainians’ Will To Hold Referendums Has Nothing To Do With Russia, Kremlin Insists


The people of Ukraine's Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions want referendums, Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky has nothing to ask of Russia and its leadership in this situation, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday, commenting on ...

Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Mansion Raided By Large Group Of FBI Agents


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) searched the home of ex-United States President Donald Trump on Monday. The 76-year-old Republican was not present and was in the New York City area, his associates hinted. A furious Trump described the opera...

China’s Army To Suppress Attempts To Break Taiwan Away From Mainland — Defense Ministry


China's army will put an end to outside forces’ plans to interfere in China's domestic political affairs and will also foil separatists’ attempts to break away from Taiwan, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said on Monday, commenting on the visit of a US Congress delegation to the island. "The People's Liberation Army of China will continue to conduct drills...

China Conducts Fresh Military Drills Around Taiwan As US Congressional Delegates Pays Visits


China's military said it conducted combat alert patrols and military drills in the waters and airspace around Taiwan on Monday, a day after the arrival of a US congressional delegation to Taipei. The exercises are "a solemn response to political plays by the US and Taiwan that are undermining the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait," Senior Col. Shi...

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi Pledges To Turn India Into A Developed Country As Nation Turns 75


Standing in front of the historic Red Fort in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday pledged to transform India into a developed country in the next 25 years. "The way the world is seeing India is changing. There is hope from India and the reason is the skills of 1.3 billion Indians," Modi said. "The diversity of India is...

Russia Plays Key Role In Fight Against Terrorism — Chinese Diplomat


Russia is an important driving force in the global community's fight against terrorism, the vicious slander of the United States will not change this, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a briefing on Friday, commenting on calls...

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States Can't Remove Trump From Presidential Election Ballot, Supreme Court Rules

States Can’t Remove Trump From Presidential Election Ballot, Supreme Court Rules

The Supreme Court on Monday unanimously reversed the Colorado court ruling that barred former President Donald Trump from appearing on the state's Republican presidential primary ballot because of a provision in the...

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