Interpol Systems Consultant and chieftain of APGA, Sir Chikwe Udensi has congratulated the people of Abia State at the occasion of Christmas celebration, expressing hope that State holds a better future.

While expressing gratitude to God for another Christmas despite several national challenges, Sir Udensi underlined that Abia has faced several challenges which according to him is traceable to leadership.

In a Christmas message on Saturday, Sir Udensi said several Abians are unhappy due to frustration, poor infrastructure, non-payment of pensioners, civil servants and teachers.

Many sang the song of New Year with us, but are no more in our midst today. God’s infinite mercy has sustained us till this moment. It therefore calls for thanksgiving.

“Our dear nation and indeed our state, Abia has faced litany of challenges in the past one year — ranging from security, economic, leadership and indeed welfare concerns.

“Sadly, the signature of frustrations, depravity and hopelessness on the faces of our people is so glaring that even the blind can see” he said.


While decrying poor leadership in Abia, he wrongs of the past could be made right with the collective resolve of the people of the state to make it right.

“The civil servants, the pensioners, the students, pregnant women, children, the youths and indeed every Abian has been hit with the fist of bad leadership in our state.

“It’s unfortunate that in all indices of development — infrastructure, human capital development, security, education, health care delivery, Abia always occupies the last seat.

“I have a message of hope for you. With our collective resolve today to right our wrongs of yesterday, we are developing a pathway for a greater tomorrow.

“We must get it right in leadership. Together, we can build a prosperous Abia” he said.



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