There was no death or injury casualty at the building that collapsed at Sango Police Barracks, Sango Ibadan on Saturday.

The Southwest zonal Director of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Mr Akiode Akande confirmed this to our correspondent on Sunday morning.

ABN TV reports that part of the structure inside the Sango Police Barracks on Saturday evening collapsed, causing fear some people may have been trapped under the rubble.

According to Akiode, the building, which is one of the oldest abandoned structures within the barracks, had cracks in many areas.


He said before the part of the building eventually went down, the occupants had evacuated, forestalling what would have been a disaster. He said the part that collapsed was used as a kitchen and not occupied as residential.

However, the NEMA boss said rescue effort was able to recover three vehicles and two motorcycles which were completely damaged from under the rubble. He said about four generating set were still trapped under the rubble of the collapsed Block 11 of the Police Barracks.

He pointed out that the Agency ensured that none of the about 168 occupants of the entire building passed the night in the Barracks due to the collapsed part.

He added that the entire building stretch in the barracks shows obvious weakness and may be subjected to an integrity test to avoid further disaster.



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