The Kirikasamma Local Government Area of Jigawa State, on Monday, enacted a bye-law banning members of the opposite sex from meeting at night.

The local government said this was due to rampant cases of out of wedlock pregnancy among girls.

The local government information officer, Sanusi Doro, said the council chairman, Salisu Kubayo, signed the law after ten councilors of the local government area unanimously agreed to it during a council meeting.

According to the new law, henceforth, members of the opposite sex (even lovers) found violating the law would be sentenced to six months in prison with an option of N50,000 fine.

Mr Doro said true lovers can only meet during the day to discuss. The signing of the law was done in a ceremony widely attended by residents of the area including the chief imam of the community.

Also, the leader of the local government’s councillors, Sa’idu Marma, said enacting the law becomes paramount following growing complaints from parents about incidences of out of wedlock pregnancy allegedly due to the night meetings and discussion between the opposite sexes.

Mr Marma added that as leaders they would be held responsible for the success as well as failure in the council area. He said fornication and unwanted pregnancy among girls is a major challenge bedeviling the council area which necessitated the enactment of the law.

Also at the event, the Chief Imam of Kirikasamma local government, Ali Liman, lamented the alien tradition of boys and girls frequently partying at various locations in the council area. He said this has resulted in many immoral activities between the opposite genders.


Mr Liman commended the council chairman on the new law. He said it would help in addressing the social vices which have become a nightmare for parents in the council area.

At the event, none of the officials discussed why modern family planning techniques, such as access to contraceptives, was not considered as an alternative to the unplanned pregnancies.

Jigawa, in North-western Nigeria, like most parts of the region, is a largely conservative state whose residents are predominantly Muslims.

The new law in the Jigawa council area comes days after Kano State banned members of the opposite sex from boarding the same commercial tricycles.

Farmers herders conflict
Meanwhile the local council also enacted a law that bans night grazing by herders in the area. The official said the council spent a lot of money monthly on logistics and other issues bordering on farmers and herders conflict.

Kirikasamma local government located in Jigawa northeast is blessed with fertile land. Herders and farmers often clash in the local government over grazing rights, sometimes leading to deaths.

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