A 72 yr old woman in Edo state has declared marijuana the herb of wisdom, she further said since she started taking it she has never seen herself as an old lady rather she’s strong like never before. She said it is in the place of the Government to Legalize marijuana because it has many functions.

People around her said she walked around her compound at noon and at night smoking marijuana. A local man who lives close to her said the woman is a strong and healthy woman. He further said sometimes he marvels at how the woman carries herself up going round town. He said he envies her. The old lady kept on smiling when being interviewed.


She also said Marijuana has never made anyone mad when one of the interviewer asked what she thought about people who took it and went mad. She said Marijuana has never caused anyone’s madness but wicked people. She said wicked people can go any learnt to orchestrate evil and pin it on anything.

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