A Nigerian civil servant, Amarachi Chioma Ohaeri has said that she would be very joyful if she finally gets to see the face of her husband and children.

Amarachi is a blind lady who works for the Ministry of Education in Anambra State, she got married to a lawyer, Thank God Onywekwere who’s partially blind.

While speaking in an interview with BBC News Pidgin, the couple revealed the challenges they faced before they got married, they revealed how their marriage was opposed by Thank God’s family because of Amarachi’s condition.

The couple currently has a son together and they’re expecting another child. However, due to Amarachi’s condition, she couldn’t get to see how her child or husband looks like. She said that she isn’t much bothered about how her child looks like because she’s seen him in her dream.


Concerning her husband, she said she believes he’s not ugly because she’s felt his face and has also asked people around. However, she said she would be very joyful if she would actually see her husband and children.

One day if I could see my husband and children I will be very happy, that day it will be as if heaven came down. If such thing happens, I’ll know that God has done a big thing for me”.

She said that her husband currently doesn’t have a job but she’s happy living with him because she believes and hopes that things would get better.

Despite her condition, Amarachi also manages the house chores without having problems. She said that she wash, cook, mops the floor, and handles other chores by herself. Her husband also praised her, saying that she does things people with sight couldn’t do.


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