Bayo Onanuga, the President-spokesperson, elect has backed up his remarks, urging Igbos not to meddle in Lagos State politics.

Onanuga stated that he owes no one an apology for telling Igbos not to meddle in Lagos State politics.

He clarified that his remark was only about the existential challenges to Yoruba people in Lagos State.

Onanuga issued a caution following the conclusion of the governorship election on Saturday night.


He believes that 2023 will be the last time Igbos meddle in Lagos politics and that the state belongs to Yoruba.

Restating his warning, Onanuga tweeted: “Let me make myself abundantly clear: the views I express on Twitter are my personal views.”

“I don’t owe anyone any apology for addressing the existential threats of our people. I am first a Yoruba, before being a Nigerian.”



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