Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu has said that equal opportunities will be accorded to all Nigerians to contribute their quota in the ongoing efforts to shape Nigeria’s future.

Kalu gave the assurance while delivering his opening remarks at the inauguration of the Constitution Review Committee of the House of Representatives in Abuja on Monday.

The Deputy Speaker who doubles as the Chairman of the Committee said that the committee will work diligently to realize its mandate within a reasonable timeframe.

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He said: “Thus, the call to action is clear, and the pathway forward is illuminated by the principles of dialogue, advocacy, participation, unity, and inclusivity. Let us heed the voices of our fellow citizens, from all walks of life, and engage in open, inclusive, and transparent dialogue on constitutional reform. Let us bridge divides, build consensus, and forge a common vision for the future of Nigeria.

“We must advocate tirelessly for change, holding our elected representatives accountable and demanding accountability at every turn.

“Participation is not merely a right; it is a sacred duty bestowed upon us as citizens of this great nation. I call upon every one of you to actively participate in the constitutional reform process, to lend your voices, ideas, and expertise to craft a constitution that reflects the values and aspirations of all Nigerians.

“The Constitution Review Committee of the 10th National Assembly stands ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Leveraging the power of technology, social media, and inclusive engagement, we will ensure that every voice is heard, every perspective is considered, and every citizen is empowered to participate in the shaping of our nation’s future.

“From this inauguration day onwards, I am proud to announce that we will work diligently to deliver on our assignment within the next 24 months, and we wholeheartedly seek the cooperation and support of all Nigerians. This ambitious timeline not only reflects our commitment to expeditiously address the pressing issues outlined in the proposed bills but also allows Mr. President sufficient time to attend to the alterations for assent away from the busier election preparation times.”


Highlighting the areas of concern, Kalu informed that the Committee has so far received some bill proposals which according to him included the establishment of State Police, State access to mines, and increased participation of women in politics.

He added that some bills previously passed by the national assembly but not assented to by the President also made a comeback.

The committee, the Deputy Speaker said, is also willing to accommodate more bills to enhance the Constitution and strengthen democratic practice in the country.

“As we gather here today, it is important to highlight the areas that are currently at the forefront based on the bill proposals we have received so far – some of them include the establishment of state police; state access to mines; increased participation of women in politics; clear specification of the taxes/levies to be collected by each tier of government and the provision for the office of the Mayor of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

“Several bill proposals that were passed but did not make the President’s assent during the Fifth Constitution alterations have been brought back and they include powers to the National Assembly and State Assemblies to summon the President and State governors, and requirements of the government to direct policies towards ensuring the rights to food and food security.

“This highlights the dynamic nature of the constitution review process and its salientness to the democratic strengthening of the country. It is important to reiterate that we are willing to accommodate more proposals to enhance our Constitution and strengthen our democracy. In addition, we await executive-sponsored bill proposals that reflect issues on the renewed hope agenda of Mr President”, Kalu said.

Kalu therefore called the citizenry to make their inputs for the overall good of the country.

“I want to emphasize that our doors are wide open for robust and constructive deliberations as we engage today and in the days that follow.

“Your input, insights, and perspectives are invaluable as we navigate the path toward constitutional reform. Let us approach this task with open minds and collaborative spirits, knowing that together, we can shape a future that reflects the aspirations and dreams of all Nigerians”.



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