Bello Matawalle, former governor of Zamfara State, has accused the state government of allegedly robbing his houses and confiscating his personal belongings.

On Friday, the Zamfara State Government, led by Dauda Lawal of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) confirmed that the security forces entered the two houses of Matawalle in Gusau and Maradun, where they seized 40 vehicles.

However, Matawalle in an interview with BBC Hausa said that it was “stupidity” and “poverty” that caused his houses to be entered, saying that items including his wife’s hijab were stolen.

He said, “I have never seen this kind of stupidity where someone’s house will just be entered without any permission as if we are in a lawless country.


“I am in Abuja and nobody told me that any court gave that order or invite me and I refused to answer. The saddest thing is that, in my Gusau house, all my wives’ rooms were broken, even hijabs have been taken away. Stoves were all put in a car and taken away.

“Instead of Dauda to face Zamfara problems, he wants to create another crisis because he knows I have my people and they will not fold their hands.

“In my Maradun house, they took away all campaign cars that people gave us as contributions, including those I bought in United States even before becoming governor, you know I was a car seller. I will not ask them to bring the cars back, everybody knows that I have cars.

“This is robbery, they entered everywhere in my houses, even my daughter’s wedding clothing materials (Kayan Lefe) were not spared.”



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