Omoyele Sowore, the African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate for the 2023 general election, has rejected an apology offered by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to the country as his administration comes to a close.

Sowore took to his official Twitter handle to express his dissatisfaction with the President’s plea for forgiveness, outlining the reasons why Buhari may never be pardoned for his actions during his tenure.

President Buhari had on Friday asked Nigerians to forgive him, especially those he may have wronged while discharging his duties.

However, Sowore was not swayed by the President’s gesture, stating that Buhari not only hurt Nigeria but also dehumanized its citizens through his unfavourable policies.

Sowore went on to list the various ways in which the President’s actions have negatively impacted the country.


He tweeted, “You denied Nigerians of a decent life, you denied children, women, men -old and young- an opportunity to live and thrive. You destroyed businesses, you took innocent lives, you destroyed the educational sector, you deprived the sick and infirm of an opportunity to be nursed to health.”

The former presidential candidate also accused Buhari of unjustly detaining and imprisoning many Nigerians, encouraging violence, and creating division through religious bigotry and ethnicity.

He further alleged that the President and his cronies perpetrated untold corruption during their time in office.

Sowore concluded by stating that the opportunities that President Buhari “crushed will continue to haunt and hunt” him until the end of time.

It is evident that Sowore is not satisfied with the President’s apology and believes that his actions during his tenure will have long-lasting consequences for the people of Nigeria.



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