“All we want is equity, justice and a level playing ground that allows the Eagle to perch and the kite to perch as well.”

This is according to the Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma who made the statement during his welcome address at the reception of the members of the Executive Management Course (EIMC) 14 of the National Institute for security studies (NISS), to Imo State.

Governor Uzodimma took the opportunity to address the agitations in the Southeast. He disclosed that Igbos have a greater stake in a united Nigeria and will not be party to any scheme that will bring division.

Speaking further, the Governor gave the assurance that inspite of the recent security challenges in the state, lmo State remains the safest state in this part of the country. adding to the efforts of the Shared Prosperity Government in ensuring that no stone was left unturned in the provision of safety and security of Imo people.


To facilitate the security of our people, our first task on assumption of office was to provide over 100 patrol vehicles, fully equipped with modern communication gadgets. This ensures that, through our toll-free call centre, established by the federal government, the people can put emergency calls across to the patrol vehicles to draw attention to a crime scene. Also by effectively collaborating with all the security agencies in the state, crime-busting has been made much easier and the crime rate has significantly dropped.” Uzodimma stated.

The Governor, disclosed that his concern goes beyond safety and security of Imo people as he initiated the Southeast security summit that gave birth to the formation of Ebubeagu, to combat crime by complementing the efforts of the federal government and security agencies.

In his takeaway package for the course 14 members, Governor Uzodimma charged the course to find the cure to the two cancerous ailments: Unemployment and ethic distrust, and Nigeria and Africa will be relatively safe and secure.



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