For the first time since his inauguration, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has addressed Nigerians.

He stated that his administration’s yearly GDP growth target would be no less than 6%.

ABN TV reported this during Tinubu’s inaugural speech on Monday at Eagles Square in Abuja.

He thanked Nigerians who supported and opposed him in the February 25th presidential election.

He stated that fuel subsidies are no longer paid under his administration.


Tinubu stated that his administration would look toward establishing a unified foreign exchange market.

“Nigeria will be governed according to the rule of law; we shall defend the Nation from all forms of criminalities.”

“We shall reform both our security document and architecture.”

“We shall grow our Gross Domestic Product, GDP better than it is today; we target a GDP of not less than 6 percent.”

“Hope is back for Nigerians; let’s just be united”, he said.



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