The Dynamites, a popular Nigerian gospel music group, has issued a statement debunking a trending video that falsely represents them.

The video, circulated online, features an individual claiming to be a member of the group and spreading misleading information.

The group, also known as AKPOAZA, expressed sadness and concern over the defamatory content, clarifying that they have no association with the individuals behind the video. They warned the public not to fall victim to the fraudulent activities of these unknown individuals.


In a reassuring message, The Dynamites confirmed that all members are well and none are sick, addressing any potential concerns raised by the false video. They also provided a clarification regarding their group’s appearance, explaining why they sometimes perform as a five-member group instead of six.

The statement aims to set the record straight and protect their fans from misinformation. The Dynamites appreciate the support and encourage sharing the truth to counteract the harmful effects of the defamatory video.



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