Abu Reuben, a prominent entertainment consultant, has urged Nigerians to set aside their tribal differences and work towards a united nation.

In a recent trending video, Reuben emphasized that tribalism is a harmful relic of the past, perpetuated by those who lack education and exposure to diverse perspectives.

Reuben argued that education should broaden our minds and foster understanding among people from different backgrounds. He expressed concern that some individuals continue to promote tribalism, even when they have benefited from education and have had opportunities to interact with people from other tribes.


The entertainment consultant highlighted the importance of language in breaking down tribal barriers. He noted that English has become a common medium, enabling people from different tribes to communicate and connect.

Reuben encouraged Nigerians to travel, build relationships, and work together to overcome tribal divisions.

Reuben’s message is clear: it’s time for Nigerians to put aside tribal differences and work towards a united and prosperous nation.

He emphasized, “We must take away tribalism and build this nation. Let us not be held back by the divisive beliefs of our uneducated fathers. We are educated, and we know better.”




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