Member representing Bende Federal Constituency, Hon. Benjamin Kalu has expressed grief and sadness over the Monday marauding attack on Uzuakoli police station in his constituency in which police formation was torched and vehicles worth millions of Naira burnt.

Reacting to the development in a statement, the House of Representatives Spokesperson stated that those who masterminded the attack are reminding the region of the pains of the Civil war.

While insisting that Ndigbo is yet to recover from the carnage of the civil war, he insisted that the region needs sounds of unity that will bring about prosperity and progress and not the sounds of guns that remind of the sad days.

“My attention has been drawn to the recent unfortunate incident where unknown gunmen attacked and burnt down the Uzuakoli Police station in Bende Federal Constituency, Abia State.

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“As with violence of any kind, I strongly condemn this attack. It is saddening that while the South East is still recovering and rebuilding from the destructions of the civil war, certain anarchists venture to destroy the gains we have made through sweat, blood, and tears. This is a way of reminding us of the previous pains of the war. We yearn for the sounds of unity that will activate prosperity and progress and not the sounds of guns that refreshes the memory of our pains” Hon. Kalu said.

While urging the relevant authorities including communities to rise up in defence of people of Abia, he assured that he will use his office as the people’s representative to prevail upon the National Assembly and its Security Committees to assist the security agencies in addressing the security situations


“I hereby call on all community leaders and my constituents to rise and support the efforts of security agencies in maintaining peace in our constituency and state. This is also the time for the vigilante groups to be supported in every possible way to defend our territories. The role of the youths of Bende in times like this cannot be overemphasized, I urge them to be vigilant to defend our land from these barbarians.

“Like I have always pointed out, it is time for security agencies to deploy the use of intelligence to lift the masks of these so-called “unknown gunmen”.

“I also urge the Governor as the Chief Security Officer of the state to take more definite steps to protect the citizens of Abia State while calling on the Inspector General of Police and the heads of all security agencies to react swiftly to these terrible signs springing up in the South East. It is better to quench the fire now that it is still a spark, as a flame will pose a greater challenge.

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“Today, I assure ndi Bende that I will prevail upon the National Assembly and its Security Committees to work expediently, further to its mandate of assisting the security agencies in addressing these ugly security situations in the country.

“A peaceful society is to the benefit of everyone and I urge everyone peddling violence to stop now or face the consequences”.



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