Washington’s actions are pushing the situation toward an open confrontation of largest nuclear powers, with Western countries testing Russia’s patience, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said in an article published on the website of the US’ National Interest magazine on Wednesday.

“Today it is obvious that the United States is directly involved in the military actions of the Kiev regime,” he stated. “It feels like Russia is being tested to see how long it will remain patient and refrain from responding to blatantly adversarial actions and attacks. In fact, Washington is pushing the situation towards a direct confrontation of the major nuclear powers fraught with unpredictable consequences.”


“U.S. officials continue to escalate the situation, intimidating the American and international public with sham Russian “nuclear threats.” Such rhetoric twists the statements of the Russian leadership,” the Russian diplomat noted. “I would like to stress that there has been no change in the conditions when our country would use nuclear weapons. In this regard, we continue to strictly adhere to the 2014 Military Doctrine and 2020 Basic Principles of State Policy on Nuclear Deterrence. Moscow has never mentioned an expansive interpretation of these documents which can be found in the public domain”.


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