Donald Trump has accused CNN of committing a ‘campaign violation’ after a technical director with the network admitted on camera that they stood in opposition to his presidency.

The former president spoke to Sean Hannity of Fox News, and was asked what he thought of a sting carried out by Project Veritas, a conservative watchdog group.

An undercover reporter met the CNN camera operative through a dating app, and then filmed him discussing the network’s approach.

In one clip, the technical director, Charlie Chester, tells his ‘date’ that CNN’s focus was to remove Trump from the presidency.

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‘That is a campaign violation,’ said Trump, describing Project Veritas’ work as ‘incredible’. 

‘What they are doing is a massive campaign violation. When you look at what they did.’

Trump, who has been at war with social media companies since he was removed from their platforms following the January Capitol riot, called for more regulation of their operations.

He said they were biased towards Democrats, and needed more scrutiny.


‘They have to be strong and can’t be dominated by Amazon, Google, and people that could take them off the air right away,’ he said.

‘You do need antitrust. You have to do something about it.

‘With all of the things you said, look, the Democrats lie, cheat and steal. They are vicious.’

He said that without him, Twitter is now ‘boring’.

Twitter was accused of protecting CNN after Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe was permanently banned from the site on April 15 – one day after he published an embarrassing expose on the network.

O’Keefe, 36, has now vowed to sue the tech giant after it accused him of operating fake accounts.

The day before he was barred, he had published another embarrassing clip of the CNN camera director, Chester, on a Tinder date with an undercover operative discussing his employer’s attitudes towards Trump and Matt Gaetz.

Project Veritas, the media watchdog which O’Keefe founded, said it was proof of the network’s bias.



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