The PDP’s Atiku Abubakar campaign has responded to news that Bola Tinubu has left Nigeria for Europe. Tinubu is the party’s nominee for president.

Tinubu’s travel, as described by his media team, was a follow-up medical appointment, according to Atiku’s spokesperson, Daniel Bwala.

Bwala asserted that it is incorrect to refer to Tinubu’s travel as a business trip because he is not yet the president.

Tweeting, Bwala wrote: “Now they have learned to call the medical follow-up trip a working trip. Hold on; he is not yet the president, so technically, it is wrong to call it a working trip or visit. His media people should learn to humanize him so they do not have to make lies statecraft.”


“We have seen the movie before. Whilst PMB’s media people were busy saying the president is on a working trip or visit, PMB keeps saying “I have never been this sick before”. I thought Tinubu’s media aides would learn from that; alas if it didn’t Dey, it didn’t Dey.”

Remember that the President-elect would use his vacation to Europe to finalize the transition plans, programs, and policy alternatives with key advisers without interruptions, according to a statement by Tinubu’s spokesperson, Tunde Rahman.

During his visit, Tinubu is also anticipated to interact with investors and allies to promote investment prospects for the nation.


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