Abdulmalik Junaidu, a five-year-old boy, was killed by a thunderstorm on Monday at about 7 p.m. in Nasarawa Yanlemu community, Bakori LGA, Katsina State.

“When I closed from work at the motor park after Maghrib prayers, it was raining,” stated the victim’s father, Malam Junaidu Gide.

“As the rain subsided, I went home and asked for the children. The mother told me that they went to the mosque.”

“A few minutes later, Abdulmajid, the elder brother of the deceased, came home horrified, saying that something heavy hit them on their way home and that his brother was there lying down on the road.”


“When we got to him, I took him to the Funtua General Hospital where he was confirmed dead.”

The boy’s body was burned from the chest down, according to the father, and they buried Abdulmalik last Tuesday morning according to Islamic customs due to the night and rain.

He went on to say that they experienced strong thunderstorms last Monday from his location all the way up to Funtua, and that “most people were not surprised when they heard it struck my little son.”



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