The Indigenous People of Biafra have told Igbos living and investing in Lagos State to stop doing so and return home.

The group made the call following what it said was the intimidation of Igbos in Lagos State during the general election.

In a statement on Thursday by its Secretary of Media and Publicity, Emma Powerful, IPOB said there are several markets in the South East for those investing in Lagos State to return to back home, while it will also pursue an agenda of making the different States in the South East to establish more.

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Powerful said in the statement: “The anti-Igbo sentiments, threat, attacks, and abductions of Igbo traders, residents, and businesses threatening them to vacate Lagos is a threat to the entire Biafra nation.

“It is quite unfortunate that Yoruba political, traditional, and religious leaders are keeping quiet on the raging anti-Igbo sentiments in Lagos, Nigeria, which shows that they are on the same page to forcefully eject Ndigbo out of Lagos.

“The bigotry and parochialism that politicians through their political thugs have recently demonstrated against Ndigbo have shown that the aged long bitterness can’t be healed.

“One thing certain is that Ndigbo will vacate Lagos, and we don’t expect any mediation to stop such exodus as it’s bound to happen soon.

“In the interim, we encourage Ndigbo to form gallant groups to defend themselves from the tribal vagabonds and political thugs.

“The criminals and cultists recruited by the politicians pushing the Igbos and expecting us to react and we must respond to them shortly.

“We are going to settle the problem with Igbo and Yoruba in a way people will marvel and nobody should blame us.

“Igbos have been monitoring these criminals.

“Those behind these devilish activities against Ndigbo must regret their actions soon.


“Every Biafran must prepare to leave Lagos and don’t say we didn’t inform you.

“We are urging Ndigbo both men and women to prepare to vacate Lagos.

“Only a person who doesn’t have a place would be annoyed when your host asked you to leave his or her house.

“We acknowledge that many of you have built many mansions and markets in Lagos.

“You have a choice of selling those properties, mortgage them, or lease them while you journey to your fatherland for your safety…

“IPOB will stand behind every relocation and development of international markets in Biafra Land.

“Therefore, we urge the newly elected governors and House of Assembly Members in the Eastern Region to work with communities to make land available in every province for international markets and industrialization projects.

“Again, we have to be involved in making sure that our people bring back their motor spare parts and we expect other markets to relocate from Lagos to Igboland.

“We advise them to start it quickly.

“We are delighted that our people are realizing that Nigeria is not for them, and the thought of relocating their businesses back to the Eastern Region is long overdue.

“Those in Lagos should know that they are not in any way doing better than the businesses in the Eastern region.

“They should come back to avoid losing their precious lives and properties to the hooligans working for political conspirators.”



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