President Bola Tinubu has encouraged Nigerians to maintain a positive outlook on the country.

Tinubu stressed that optimism about the country will eventually lead to success.

The President said this in his speech during the launch of the 3,112 housing units under the Renewed Hope Cites initiative in the Federal Capital Territory.

Tinubu, making his first public appearance after returning from a two-week private visit to Paris, said the citizens must learn to speak positive things about the country and remain hopeful despite ravaging challenges.

The president’s comments come amidst an array of issues bedeviling the country varying from biting economic hardship, inflation, rising cases of kidnapping-for-ransom, and a weakening local currency

Recall that on Monday through Tuesday, angry youths and women took to the streets of Minna, the Niger State capital, and Kano to protest what they described as the rising cost of living in the country. Similar protests also erupted in Ondo State, Nigeria’s southwest.

In Niger, a group of women reportedly blocked the ever-busy Minna-Bida Road at the famous Kpakungu Roundabout and called on the Tinubu administration to address the challenge of ‘hunger in the land.’ The mob deflected attempts to quell the protest by security operatives who fired tear gas canisters into the crowd and arrested others.

But Tinubu in his keynote speech on Thursday, urged Nigerians not to look back but forward because they have a country that truly cares about them.

He also pledged his willingness to commit to the country’s economic prosperity and development.

He said, “Here again, let’s talk to Nigerians. Let’s talk to ourselves and say everything positive about our country. Don’t think of your country negatively. Before I left home this morning, I asked for the national pledge of our country. And we have to relaunch it and ensure we are committed to the value, the greatness, the hope of our country.


“It is our country. You pledge to Nigeria, your country, my country to be faithful loyal, and honest. To serve Nigeria with all your strength.

“You saw it on the field of play with the Super Eagles yesterday. We were all rejoicing. Every one of us loves victory. We love to win. When you are positive and you are hopeful, Nigeria is winning.

“We didn’t say it will be smooth all the way through. But we are confident that this country will excel in all ramifications. We will defend our unity and uphold our honor and glory in every way possible. Because we are Nigerians and we have no other country.”

He added, “Nigerians, don’t look back, look forward. Be hopeful. Be assured that you have a country that cares about you and you must care about the country.”

Continuing, President Tinubu stressed the importance of shelter to man, describing it as a fundamental right and the responsibility of the government to its citizens.

He also commended the Housing Ministry for its efforts towards achieving the Renewed Hope mandate for housing and urban development.

The president further commended the Housing Ministry for taking the initiative to involve the private sector through PPP arrangements, underscoring the immense role the private sector can play in helping to achieve the future that Nigerians can be proud of.

He said, “It is a great honour for me to make this historic groundbreaking here today. I have listened carefully to the Minister of Housing and Urban Development on the housing plans to propel the engine of growth, stability, and economic resurgence of Nigeria.

“We know the value of housing. We appreciate the fact that it is an elixir for economic prosperity, Job creation, and hopefulness. The shelter is a necessity. It’s a human right and we are here just to do that.

“To set the record straight from this site, groundnut seller will eat. From this site, the water seller will make a living. From this site nail sellers, carpenters, and roofmakers will make a living. We will stand the test of time and bring the glory of Nigeria brighter than we met it.”



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