The founder and General Overseer of Power World Ministries, Rev Dr Uche Ume is full of thanks as his family escapes a snake attack in their home while he is away for a programme in Owerri.

According to the cleric in a social media post, the snake was “sent” to attack his children but God’s intervention saved them, even as the snake was killed and burned.

“Snake, which I don’t know if I should call a python, was sent to attack my children. However, God intervened, and it was killed and burnt. This species of snake does not usually stay around the house, and there is no bush nearby where I live”, he stated.

He claimed the snake just appeared in his house, physically, to attack his family and himself, and was killed and burnt. “What they don’t know is that we have Divine backing.

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This came after a week an accident which would have involved his vehicle was averted.


He wrote, “Last Wednesday, they projected an accident on our pilot car, but I had a signal in my spirit not to move to have the car checked.

“Only for the technician to discover that all the brake pads fell off simultaneously, while the pipe supplying the hydraulic fluid broke, causing all the hydraulic fluid to be wasted.

“All my technicians by the name “China” could say is that there is God on the altar of Power World Ministries”.



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