Former Barcelona midfielder Emmanuel Petit has warned of a possible leadership problem at Real Madrid if Kylian Mbappe is eventually signed with the club.

Petit in an interview with AS, stated that most players at Real Madrid are not happy with the potential arrival of the France international.

“If he goes to Madrid it could be a problem. Not just in terms of salary in the dressing room, but also in terms of leadership. Bellingham has been incredible, as has Vinicius, and if he goes to Madrid, he will have to play as a striker, just like he did recently at PSG.

“But we all know that this not the best position. There are many questions and no answers. We are all tired in France. Every 6 months there is always the same story on the table. Is he going? Will he stay? Is he happy? Did he have a good breakfast? Even in France we are fed up.


“I can understand that the players are also angry about this situation, because all the attention is always focused on Mbappé. We don’t talk about PSG, we always talk about Mbappé. So it might be a problem for some players to handle this situation. And that’s why I said I’m tired of talking about it every three weeks.”

“I have no idea what will happen and, to be honest, we are 67 million French people who have no idea what Mbappé will decide at the end of the season. Mbappé said two weeks ago that he will give his answer shortly before the end of the season season.

“So I have no idea if he will stay in Paris, there is so much speculation, so many rumours, deals, things like that. So when you talk about Mbappé the door always opens and you never know what will happen. Maybe he will go to Madrid, maybe he’ll stay in Paris, maybe he’ll go somewhere else.”



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