Senator Oji Uzor Kalu, representing Abia North, has made a passionate appeal to the Nigerian Senate to revive the abandoned Shell airstrip in Oloibiri, Bayelsa State, and convert it into an Airforce base.

The former governor of Abia, Senator Kalu argued that the airstrip’s strategic location between Oloibiri and the Atlantic Ocean makes it an ideal launching point for the Nigerian Navy’s aircraft carriers and an alternate landing pad for monitoring oil pipelines and providing security in the region.


He also emphasized the historical significance of Oloibiri as the birthplace of Nigeria’s oil industry, making it a suitable site for foreign visitors. Additionally, the airstrip can serve as an alternate airport to Port Harcourt Airport, reducing the burden on airline operators who often lose money due to weather-related issues.

Senator Kalu stressed that reactivating the Oloibiri airstrip is a timely and worthwhile investment that will benefit not only the military but also the local community and the nation at large

This development has the potential to boost the region’s economy and enhance national security. The Senate is expected to consider Senator Kalu’s motion and take appropriate action to revive the abandoned airstrip.



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