Those Who Say I Can't Become Abia Gov Because My Brother Has Been Governor Have Nothing To Offer - Mascot Kalu
Hon. Mascot Uzor Kalu

A front line governorship contender in Abia State and the candidate of the Action Peoples Party (APP) Hon. Uzor Kalu has replied those who say he cannot become governor because his elder brother and current Chief Whip Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu was a governor in the state.

According to Hon. Mascot, a former Chief of Staff in the state, those who make such arguments have nothing to offer.

He stated this when he featured as a special guest in a Radio interview in Umuahia.

He said, “Let me tell you this, those who bring these things up are people who don’t have anything to offer. If you have something to offer, you won’t mention it or bring it up as a topic.”

According to him, such a sentiment is one of the reasons Abia state is backward and undeveloped.

Hon. Mascot, a business mogul who had his educational training in the US, further opined that the development of Texas, USA, was because of non-sentimental politics.


If you go to the US where I had my training, George Bush Snr. finished being President, George Bush Jr. became the Governor of Texas. His brother was a Governor in Florida. George Bush Jnr. is the one responsible for the economic revival that you’re seeing in Texas today.

“Texas used to be one of the old country states. But he said, no, we can’t just be an oil state and we don’t invest in infrastructure. He pulled a lot of resources together to invest in infrastructure, all of a sudden, Houston, Texas took off.

In New York, you have Governor Cuomo, who ruled for twelve years and within a space of sixteen years, his son became Governor and ruled New York for eleven years, meaning in the last thirty-nine years the Cuomo’s have ruled New York for twenty-three years”.

In his determination to pull Abia state from its conundrum and infrastructure menace, he asked the people to stand by him and vote for his party, Action Peoples Party (APP).

We can no longer be blinded by all of these things. If I, Mascot Uzor Kalu can be the saviour that can bring us out of the menace that we’re in, people should stand and vote for me, and not say my brother has been this and that. And the constitution gives me the right to do so.

“My brother is my brother and I stand by my brother’s record when he was governor. I will review his administration, build on the things he did well and improve on the things he did not do well”, he added.