A police officer was allegedly shot dead at a checkpoint along the Emohua axis of the East-West road by hoodlums terrorizing the region.

The victim was one of the unidentified officers who were reported to have been assigned to Rivers State’s Emohua Local Government Area.

Obisike further stated that a civilian in a private vehicle was hit by stray shots during the operation.

He said that the Nigeria Police’s withdrawal of guns from local vigilantes had disheartened them from carrying out their duties against the criminals plaguing the region.

Obisike claimed that Emohua LGA has devolved into a haven for criminals.

He claims that traditional and political authorities are keeping silent about the security situation in the area, and called for urgent intervention.

“These boys came out and started shooting and killed one policeman and shattered a private vehicle.”


“Everywhere was deserted, and all the vehicles were at a standstill. This is why we are complaining about the police collecting rifles from the vigilantes.”

“If the vigilantes are well armed, they will go after these boys terrorizing Emohua Local Government.”

“The other time they attacked a vehicle, and it somersaulted. Nobody is talking; traditional rulers, kings, and politicians in Emohua are all quiet about the issue.”

“They are terrorizing this place, and nobody is talking,” he said.

The Public Relations Officer of the Rivers State Police Command, Grace Iringe-Koko, confirmed a police officer was actually killed at a checkpoint in the area.

Iringe-Koko noted that the rifle the officer has been retrieved while efforts to track down the hoodlums and their sponsors in the area have begun.



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