French President Emmanuel Macron said it’s “his wish” to see a total block on Russian exports of coal and oil to the European Union “this week,” following the discovery of what he described as “war crimes” in the Ukrainian town of Bucha.

French President Emmanuel Macron

Speaking Monday on French broadcaster France Inter, Macron said there are “very clear signs” war crimes have been committed in Bucha and, “it’s pretty established that it’s the Russian army” who are responsible for them.

“We can’t let it slide. We must have sanctions that dissuade with what’s happened there (in Bucha), what’s happening at Mariupol,” he said.

Macron said that he would have discussions with his European partners this week regarding further sanctions.

“Those who are behind these crimes must answer for them,” he said.
“We must send the signal very clear that it’s our collective dignity and it’s our values that we defend,” he added. “There’s no peace without justice.”

France stands ready to assist Ukraine in its investigation of the events in Bucha, Macron said, yet he refused to state if Russian President Vladimir Putin should face trial over what happened there.



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