The member representing Jos North/Bassa Federal Constituency of Plateau State, Mr Daniel Asama Ago, has expressed his commitment to restoring peace in the state.

Asama, who was declared the winner of the recent re-run election in the state, said his priority also included uniting the state and empowering the people.

He made this known while speaking with reporters in Abuja.

The lawmaker said, “I have three important needs for now. The number one priority is restoring peace on the Plateau. It is a paramount priority. We were called, and we are still called, the home of peace and tourism. For some reason, peace is being distorted.

“We, the indigenes of Plateau, don’t feel the same. We feel relatively safe. But with all the incessant issues happening from herdsmen, kidnapping, and skirmishes, which, to say the truth, are across the nation and not just on the Plateau, the aim now is to restore peace.

“I would work with the governor and every other government apparatus to ensure my people the peace that has eluded them. We are relatively in a safe place, but there are still some pockets of violence in a few local governments. Precisely right now, we are struggling with hiccups in Mangu, Bokkos, and Barkin Ladi areas.

“The second thing is unity. The polity nationwide is heated, and Plateau is not excluded. Our people have diverse interests. Politics comes with that. People are thinking about what they want to do and how they want to do it. They have their own parties and affiliations. Nigeria in general is sharply divided around ethnic, religious, and tribal lines. In fact, lately, it has even involved some social colouring.


“But I would want to focus on bringing Plateau together. I would work assiduously to unite the state for development. We need to unite Plateau; we need to cushion and neutralise the toxicity of colouring politics along the lines of religion, social class, or tribes.

“The number three is empowerment. Our people need empowerment in every form. The people of the Plateau are hardworking people. There is skill, willingness, and availability in terms of resources. But we need to harness that with some government policies, support systems, and material resources for the benefit of the people,” he said.

The lawmaker, who has a background in the humanitarian world, promised to work assiduously to improve the lives of his constituency, Plateau State, and the country at large.

“I have emerged in the recently concluded election to be the voice of the people of Bassa and Jos North. I am a politician who comes from the background.

“I worked in the humanitarian sector for the past 16 years, but my earlier days of public service were as a staff member of the State House of Assembly.

“My constituency is the most diverse in the country. It is the boiling pot of all the nations. It has every tribe in this country in full presence. The people are politically aware.

“So we would work hard to ensure these are harnessed for the development of the people and make the country a better place for the citizens,” he said.



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