The factional national chairman of Labour Party, Lamidi Apapa has said the party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections, Peter Obi is a “small boy” who is barely one year in the party.

This was in reaction to his booing in Wednesday at the presidential election petition court in Abuja where he had gone to ascertain the progress of a case instituted by the party challenging the emergence of Bola Tinubu as President-elect

He has laid claims to the leadership of the party on an acting capacity, saying Julius Abure is no more the chairman of the party.

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Narrating his experience at the court, Apapa said, “I was in court today to assert my right as the Acting National Chairman of Labour Party and to ascertain the state of things myself.

“I sensed trouble when the Director General of the Obi Datti Campaign refused to vacate the seat meant for me as the Acting National Chairman of the Party. Obi is a small boy”


“He just joined the party less than one year ago. I have been in the Party for 21 years. Obi is making a mistake by recognizing Abure as the National Chairman of Labour Party. Apart from money, what does Peter Obi has that I don’t have”

Apapa also denied rumours that he has received a financial inducement to frustrate the party’s chances of winning the presidential election petition.

“I have never taken any Kobo from anyone and I challenge anyone that has evidence of me receiving any money from anyone to come forward”

“It is not true that I came to the Tribunal to withdraw the Petition filed by Obi and Labour Party.

“They almost killed me in court today. If not for God, I would have been a dead person.

“As for the boy that removed my cap, as you can see, I have recovered my cap. I have dealt with the boy who removed my cap. He will suffer till the end of his life. He shall never see old age”



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