Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon Yekini Nabena, says the ruling party is becoming a rehabilitation camp for corrupt politicians.

He said the appointment of former Kano state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, as the party’s national chairman shows that the party is indifferent to fighting corruption.

Nabena said this in an interview with the Sun newspaper on Sunday.

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“I have said it previously that the foundation APC built in the last elective convention was fundamentally very faulty. The whole national officers were appointed not elected. There was no election, but selection and PDP members that are in their houses, unprepared and not ready for the positions were appointed. The problem started with the removal of Adams Oshiomhole by some governors through his ward and even went to procure court judgment against him, and ever since then, nothing has actually worked. Yes, we are really concerned about the leadership crisis.


“They went for Ganduje, a man facing a crisis in Kano, but what is he going to tell the opposition? He is somebody we know his antecedent in Kano. With Ganduje on the saddle as APC chairman, can the party boldly claim to be sincere in fighting corruption? APC has become a party for all manners of people facing one corruption charge or the other.

“According to Oshiomhole, it has become a rehabilitation home for fraudulent, corrupt politicians facing corruption charges. Adamu Abdullahi was facing a corruption charge before his appointment. It is becoming obvious that the EFCC is no longer working because being an APC chairman does not give the person immunity for trial. Corruption cases against any chairman must continue.

“People must finish their corruption cases before we consider them for appointment. The party agreed to refund the money of those that bought forms for the leadership position, but the Adamu-led leadership refused. Nobody is talking about the financial recklessness under his administration.

“Nobody rendered an account of how they expended the over N30 billion generated through the sale of nomination forms. Why should they leave other members of the NWC or do they want to claim that only the ones that left the party handled the expenses?”



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