Osun State Government has warned motorists, especially commercial minibus drivers, popularly known as ‘Korope’, against arbitrary parking of vehicles by the roadside.

The government also frowned at the use of earphones by drivers, adding that it causes distraction which may eventually lead to road accidents.

Speaking through the Executive Secretary, Osun State Office of Transportation, Engr. Bilal Adiat while responding to questions on a radio programme in Osogbo on Wednesday, the government warned that arbitrary parking of vehicles by the roadside is a serious punishable offence.

“Vehicles are supposed to be parked completely off the road so as not to impede other road users and to avoid obstruction to the free flow of traffic within the town.


“Commercial minibuses, popularly known as ‘Korope’ are more culpable of the offence, especially when they want to stop and pick up passengers.

“The government will no longer tolerate such henceforth.

“Drivers fond of using earphones while driving are hereby warned also. Using earphones while driving has caused a number of accidents on the roads.

“Our officers will henceforth enforce compliance,” Adiat warned.



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