Renowned Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, has announced the resumption of filming, with a special addition to the production team – his son, Clinton, also known as Onyeze Mbaise!

Clinton has joined the team as Assistant Production Manager and Personal Assistant to his father, as part of an internship to gain practical experience in filmmaking and management. This hands-on training will precede his further studies.

Kanayo emphasized the value of involving children in their parents’ professional endeavors, allowing them to appreciate the industry and gain valuable skills.


He extended a warm welcome to his son, Onyeze, as they work together on the Simpliciter Associates Productions project.

In his words: “We resumed filming today. My son, Clinton, Onyeze Mbaise, joins us as Assistant Production Manager & my Personal Assistant. He is an intern to understudy Film making and Management before proceeding for further studies. We should let our children work in our organisations or other establishments to appreciate industry. Kudos Onyeze. Welcome on board Simpliciter Associates Productions”

This exciting development marks a new chapter in their professional journey together!



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