A beautiful Nigerian lady has stirred reactions as she danced with her bank account details at a wedding.

One of the best things about Nigerians is their ability to adapt in the face of hardship, such as the lack of Naira notes and the high price of petrol, which led to many of their creative solutions going viral.

In a video circulating online, The lady dressed in a well-tailored pink gown and people almost mistook her for the bride. She was seen with an account number written on a paper.

Obviously, people who do not have cash to spray at the wedding due to scarcity were expected to make transfers.

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In the video, the lady had a wide rectangular paper on her hand while she danced alone. She held it as if she was holding a fancy hand fan.

On a closer look, however, it could be seen that what she was displaying was a bank account number. Clearly, she wanted people to see it and make transfers if they did not come to the wedding with cash.

Internet users found the video so funny as they thronged to comment section with hilarious reactions. Many made their remarks on the bank the Nigerian lady uses.



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