President Muhammadu Buhari believes Nigerians made the right choice in picking Bola Tinubu to succeed him.

Buhari spoke on Thursday after bestowing the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic (GCFR) honor on Tinubu, according to a statement provided by presidential spokeswoman Femi Adesina.

The highest honor in the country, the GCFR, is given to presidents.

The President stated that he had “run a good race” and completed his route, but that it was time for the baton to be passed on.

Buhari, who was first elected in 2015, was re-elected in 2019 and will finish his second term on May 29 when Tinubu is sworn in.

Buhari called Tinubu’s victory in the presidential election on February 25 “well-deserved.”

“The Nigerian people have recognized your leadership qualities, political acumen, and passion to serve our great nation, and have entrusted you with the burden of governing our beloved country,” Buhari said.


“I do not doubt that Nigeria will continue to thrive and achieve new heights under your leadership. You were the best candidate at the elections and Nigerians have chosen wisely.”

Tinubu, according to the President, would serve Nigeria with “utmost dedication and integrity.”

He advised Tinubu that leadership comes with obstacles, but that he must face them with courage, wisdom, and compassion.

“We must remain committed to the principles of good governance, transparency, and accountability, as these are the foundations upon which our nation’s progress and development rely,’’ Buhari said.

Buhari said Tinubu has a long and “illustrious track record of public service, marked by your exceptional achievements in various capacities.”

“Your transformative leadership in Lagos state, where you left an indelible mark in the areas of infrastructure, education, healthcare, and economic development, speaks volumes about your dedication to the welfare of the Nigerian people,” he said.



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