Members of the Peoples Democratic Party Caucus in the House of Representatives have said Nigeria has been seized by kidnappers, bandits and terrorists who extract ransom from the poor and impoverished, citizens, and turn homesteads, hamlets, villages, towns and cities into killing fields under the regime led by the President, Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.).

The minority lawmakers, therefore, demanded an immediate resignation from the President.

Leader of the caucus, Kingsley Chinda (PDP/Rivers State), in a statement issued on Wednesday on behalf of the opposition lawmakers, said the bloodletting unleashed by the hostage-takers, which has gone unabated, “with General Buhari showing complete incapacity to arrest the situation or bring the killer squads who roam the vast swathes of our country to book,” is spreading across “every acreage of citizens’ habitation and turning our once quiet and peaceful homesteads, hamlets, villages, towns and cities into funeral parlours and cemeteries.”

Chinda’s statement was titled ‘Save Nigeria now from Buhari: PDP Caucus Lawmakers Cry Out…Say Nigeria Seized by Hostage Takers, Bandits, Terrorists…As Mr President Shows Utter Disdain for Constitution…Calls on Buhari to Resign.’

The caucus said, “Everywhere we turn, today, our dead are either being prepared for burials by families whose hearts are torn up by grief, or they are being mourned by families who can’t tell where the corpses of their loved ones are or where the killer squads will turn up next.

“Here is the stark truth of the Nigerian condition under Buhari’s ruinous rule: citizens are in a prolonged, severe and intense state of mourning that has kept them stuck in acute anguish, pain and trauma.”


The lawmakers said bandits, terrorists and kidnappers have continued to unleash their reigns of terror on helpless citizens, taking on whole communities and regions in fell swoops whenever they choose to strike.

The caucus said it is saddened that “unfortunately, the President who famously boasted of leading from the front is now missing in action.”

The statement partly read, “General Buhari is concerned only about his personal and family safety, and the safety of his lackeys. Typical of rulers in history who suffered from the Messianic complex, he thinks his personal survival is tantamount to the survival of the nation. It is this delusion that makes the governance of our country dire and costly under his rulership. There’s something more ruinous about his delusion: he promotes himself beyond his talent of statecraft.

“Finally, we make bold to remind General Buhari of the saying, of that old Greek General Chabrias the Athenian that ‘an army of sheep led by a lion is more feared than an army of lions led by a sheep.’ But, our nation and its people don’t have the luxury of time to wait on General Buhari to transform from the intrepid General who is currently missing in action to the lion that leads from the front, when bandits, terrorists and kidnappers who have seized our nation by the scruff of the neck are inflicting malevolence on the nation and imposing informal rules on citizens to command obedience to their dictates.”

“Time is running out. General Buhari should save our country by waking up from his long slumber or RESIGN NOW.”




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