Niger State government has initiated a crackdown on illegal mining sites as part of efforts to protect communities from the harmful effects of such activities.

The Commissioner for Mineral Resources, Alhaji Garba Sabo Yahaya stated that the clampdown was in response to numerous complaints from communities regarding the negative impact of illegal mining on their health and livelihoods.

The crackdown targeted several popular mining sites, including those in Mai Wayo, Kateregi, and Gadaeregi along the Minna-Bida Road.

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Communities in those areas have reported serious environmental hazards and health risks associated with the mining activities.

State government officials stated the importance of responsible mining practices to safeguard both the environment and the health of the people.

Mr. Adeife Oluwatosin, Project Manager of Ries Templar Integrated Services at one of the sites, expressed willingness to suspend operations and cooperate with the authorities, pledging to adhere to regulations and improve their practices for the benefit of the state and its residents.



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