The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) conducted its matriculation ceremony in Kaduna, formally welcoming 441 cadets into the 75th regular course.

The event featured an oath-taking ceremony as the cadets were officially inducted into their respective academic programs.

In his opening remarks, the Commandant of the Academy, Major General John Ochai, said out of a staggering 30,000 applicants, only 441 cadets, including one from The Gambia, secured admission.

General Ochai detailed the distribution of cadets across various faculties which includes: 138 in Arts and Social Sciences, 118 in Science, 37 in Engineering and Technology, 55 in Management Sciences, and 91 in Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies.


While instilling a sense of responsibility, the Commandant encouraged the cadets to uphold discipline throughout their training. He emphasized that the Academy’s training aimed to equip them for national defense and to discharge constitutional duties professionally.

He noted: “Adherence to the fundamental rules and regulations governing your training here is paramount,” he stressed. General Ochai also highlighted the Academy’s evolution, attributing its growth to an emphasis on intellectualism and innovation.

“From its humble beginnings with two faculties and six departments, the Academy has now expanded to encompass five faculties and 23 departments. Collaborations with esteemed institutions, both local and international, underscore the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and intellectual exchange.”

Highlighting the Academy’s transformation into a globally recognised military institution, General Ochai affirmed ongoing efforts to ensure it meets international standards in alignment with constitutional mandates.



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