The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State Chapter, has expressed concern with the way and manner the leadership race for the 10th National Assembly is going on and called on all interested persons not to allow their quest to divide Nigerians along ethnic or religious lines.

Chairman, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, in a statement in Kaduna on Monday, said, “The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State Chapter, is following development in the leadership race for the next National Assembly with dismay and wishes to counsel all interested persons not to allow their quest to divide Nigerians along ethnic, regional, or religious lines.”

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He added, “CAN believe that Nigeria’s elected representatives, both from the upper and lower chambers, are politically matured and responsible enough to do what will make Nigeria great by choosing from among them competent leaders with good experience to do the needed task while respecting regional and religious affiliations.”

He noted that some of the inciting messages now making rounds could create unnecessary strife between the South and North; Christian versus Muslim, suggesting that it should be disregarded and halted without delay.


According to Hayab, CAN as a body has earlier advocated for fairness before the general elections and believes strongly that a fair and just Nigeria is beneficial to its unity and growth in every ramification.

He, therefore, appealed to the political class to discontinue any action that could further divide Nigerians, saying, “Rather, the elected representative needs to promote matters that could support the citizenry to attain the goals of a unified nation irrespective of religious, tribal, sectional or political affiliations.”

The CAN state chairman advised that those who eventually become leaders of the National Assembly must be lawmakers who would guide their colleagues to make laws for the common good of the country not as representatives of their regional or religious enclaves but for the overall benefit of all Nigerians.

He assured, “To attain a cohesive nation, CAN will pray and work for the unity, peace, and progress of Nigeria as speaks truth to power.”

As Nigerians prayed for a peaceful inauguration of the next administration come May 29th, CAN appealed to the political class to consider the entire country as their most important constituency, rather than promote primordial sentiments that lead to no development at all.



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