Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu, the President-elect’s wife, has stated that her family does not require Nigeria’s wealth to survive.

Mrs. Tinubu claims that God has already provided the family with everything they need to survive.


She made the statements during an address at the presidential inauguration interdenominational church service on Sunday at Abuja’s National Christian Centre.

The President-elect’s wife went on to add that the country’s road would be restored with the assistance of God and Nigerians.

She said, “God has blessed my family, we don’t need the wealth of Nigeria to survive but to do the right thing. And I promise you on this altar that with your help, with the help of God, we will set this nation on the right path.”
“We need your prayers. I can tell you, I for one, am a silent maker. I am not the noise maker but I listen and I hear.”



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