A security expert/Interpol Systems Consultant, Sir Chikwe Udensi has said his constructive criticism of the state government is not to de-market it but a patriotic duty to ensure that those at the helm of affairs do the right thing for the benefit of indigenes and residents of the state.

According to Udensi, a chieftain of APGA, the government instead of sending its agents to attack people who say the truth should devote its energy in making things right.

He described Abia as a ‘sorry state’ which gets people disturbed when mentioned.

The opposition leader spoke on a live programme ‘Open Parliament’ on Family Love FM, ABN TV, and ABN Radio on Wednesday, December 22, 2021, where he expressed worry over what he called a conspiracy of silence some Abia State elites as regards the situation of Abia State.

Sir Udensi called on the Abia elite who are silent to speak up to ensure that the process is changed and Abia becomes functional again.

He further stated that the ‘de-marketing’ of Abia isn’t done necessarily with a motive to run down the state, rather the state is being de-marketed because of some wrongs which needs to be made aright.

Speaking on the state of infrastructure, he said the conditions of the courts in Abia is disturbing, saying they look like chicken pubs.


He said, “The whole world knows, the whole country knows that Abia state is a sorry state. Abia state is a national discourse today. If you mention Abia state anywhere, people get disturbed; does it mean that the governor does not see these things?

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“The last time I was in Aba, (two weeks ago) I went around myself to look at not just the roads and infrastructure; I went to courts where justices are supposed to be dispensed. Most of the courts are like poultry pubs. I went around with some auditors and on my way out, I stopped at Umunnato General Hospital to see things for myself.

“Maybe there is something else the government is seeing that we are not seeing. Everybody is saying there is a problem, rather than send some people to start accusing people, look inwards and see how best you can make things better. We all are Abians, we don’t hate our state, what we are seeking is for the betterment of Abia- we are not saying we must destroy our state, we are not necessarily de-marketing our state, some see the wrong things and say they are right that is why we are de-marketing our state. We’re saying that the problem in the state is enough, we are saying that we can do better especially given that our neighbours are doing better, our neighbours that are earning less than what we are earning, there are no complaints of payments of salaries.

“I am saying that it’s not just about two people making comments. Let the elites of Abia state take a position. The elites of Abia are keeping quite and this should not continue. We must change this trajectory, we must change this process and we must make sure to ensure that Abia state is functional once more”.

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