A mom named Zainab Ibrahim died while attempting to break up a fight between her two kids, Inusa and Usman.

Although the exact cause of the fight was unknown, Inusa was alleged to have accidentally macheted her mother on the left hand.

The event occurred on Saturday in the Asokoro Kpaduma II sector of the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja.

According to Saliu Shehu, a resident of the area, Zainab was transported to a private hospital where she died.


He said, “The two brothers are of the same parents. They were engaging in a serious fight. Their mother came in and tried to separate them. Inusa, however, left and went to bring a machete with which he intended to use on his brother in the process, he mistakenly cut his mother on her left hand. She was taken to a private hospital where she died.”

When contacted, the spokesperson for the FCT command, Josephine Adeh, said Inusa was at large, adding that an investigation is ongoing on the matter.

She said, “We received a distress call and rushed to the scene. The mother was taken to the hospital where she was confirmed dead. Usman is in custody while Inusa is at large. An investigation is, however, ongoing on the matter.”



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