The family of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the arrested leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra organization, has distanced itself from any preparations to disrupt Monday’s inauguration of the new administration in Abia State or anywhere else in the country.

The family further stated that the gang is not involved in any conspiracy to sow chaos and discontent on May 29 across the country.

This announcement follows the family’s claim that it obtained information suggesting that some dissatisfied elements were intending to foment chaos in the East in the name of the family and the IPOB group.

According to Prince Emmanuel Kanu, who talked to Vanguard, anyone who associates the family or IPOB with any conspiracy to disrupt the inauguration anywhere in the country is being devious and searching for a method to blackmail the family and the movement.


He said, “We are not part of it. Anybody behind such a plot should count us out of it. We are not involved and we discourage such. Those doing such things are the real enemies of our people.”

The Kanu family spokesman stated that both the family and IPOB believe in peace and will continue to advocate peace, emphasizing that their main concern is securing Kanu’s release, not disrupting any inauguration.

Kanu, therefore, encouraged the people to reject any hearsay or social media report linking the family or IPOB to any unholy deed on May 29.



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