Marcus Durayalle Lofton, is being held without bail after he allegedly shot and ki!lled his wife, Alicia Danielle Lofton, the day after she served him with divorce papers.

The Michigan couple tied the knot in February 2023. Alicia served him divorce papers on August 16.

Unconfirmed reports making the round online say she found out he was having an affair with another man.

According to court documents, Alicia has had an active protection order against her husband since May. At the time, Marcus was arrested for domestic violence against Alicia.

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On August 17, 2023, the Grand Rapids police responded to the area of Adams Street and Union Avenue after receiving a report of shots being fired.


Upon arrival, the police found Alicia de@d on the ground beside a house.

Officers said Alicia had multiple gunshot wounds to her head and body, according to an affidavit.

Investigators said they quickly identified Alicia’s husband, Marcus Durayalle Lofton, as the suspect.



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