The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has conceded that he made a mistake to support Siminalayi Fubara to succeed him as the governor of Rivers State.

Wike, who was speaking at a function in Ogu/Bolo Local Government Area of Rivers State on Saturday, apologized to the people of the state for his “mistake”.

He said he is a human who is bound to make mistake, assuring the people, however, that the mistake would be corrected at the appropriate time.

“I want to say this clearly, in life when you have made a mistake, you say I have made a mistake, there is nothing you can do about it. I have made a mistake, I own it up and I say God forgive me and I will say all of you forgive me, but I will correct it at the appropriate time.

“I am a human being, I am bound to make mistake, my judgement can be wrong, so forgive me for making a wrong judgement. That is life, so nobody should kill himself,” Wike said.

Some days ago, Governor Fubara was quoted as saying that he appreciates Wike for supporting him to become the governor of Rivers State, but would not worship him.


In what seem to be a direct response to that statement by Fubara, Wike in his speech said that there was no time he told anyone to worship him as he is not God.

However, the Minister said that politicians ought to be grateful to those who supported them to attain office rather than showing ingratitude.

“I respect people who appreciates what God has done for them, who appreciates what God has used people to do for them. God does not come down, God uses people to help people.

“So, when you are helped you appreciate them and then God will know that you have also appreciated him. I have never told anybody to worship me, nobody can worship man.

“All of us believe that we only have one God and it is only that God we worship and we will continue to worship that God. But as politicians, you appreciate people who have helped you,” he said.

There has been a strained relationship between Governor Fubara and his erstwhile political godfather and former governor of the state, Nyesom Wike, which has thrown the state into a political crisis.



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