The lawmaker representing Lagos Mainland in the House or Representatives, Moshood Oshun, has distributed food packs to 8,500 residents in line with President Bola Tinubu’s directive to support vulnerable persons.

Beneficiaries were drawn from community development associations, schools, religious groups and work associations.

Oshun said the gesture was a directive by President Tinubu to lawmakers, with support from the Ministry of Agriculture. The lawmaker  personally distributed 5,000 food packs to his constituents in December.

He said: “It’s just a way by the government to ameliorate the people’s suffering. Things are a bit difficult in the country at the moment, so we are just trying to assist the people.


“We are reaching out to 8,500 people. For those that get their package today, I will say congratulations to them. But those who didn’t get any will surely get in another few months. One certainty is that I will always be there for my people. I will make sure I’m available to assist them in whatever form I can.”

Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Adeyemi Kayode praised the lawmaker for following through with the presidential directive and not diverting the food packs for personal use. Kayode said the exercise is about enhancing the vulnerable.

A beneficiary, Christiana Ebifemi, praised Oshun and the lawmaker for the gesture. She said it would help many like her to feed their families.



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