Following directive by the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) asking workers to embark on industrial action, public schools in Lagos on Wednesday shut down operations in compliance with the directive.

Students from several public primary and secondary schools were seen returning home on the highways and in the streets, according to our correspondent.

Some other students were loitering around the school premises.

At a public secondary school in Mushin area of Lagos, the gate was left wide open as students were moving out of the school premises while some teachers were seen gathered under a tree, holding discussions


A teacher, who yearned for anonymity, informed ABNTV that they followed the guidance from the NLC-affiliated Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT).

NLC Public Relation Officer (PRO), Lagos chapter, Adejumo Ismail, who spoke to our correspondent Tuesday evening noted that the NUT had promised to comply with the directive.

He said: “The teachers have joined — NUT and ASUU too have joined. All the unions in the tertiary institutions have joined in solidarity.”



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