The presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) Rabiu Kwankwaso has pledged to restore the country’s glory if elected next year.

Kwankwaso said this on Sunday shortly after holding a closed-door meeting with NNPP stalwarts in Jalingo, Taraba State where he also commissioned the party’s offices.

He says he has the capacity to reposition Nigeria economically and restore security and infrastructure in the country. This, he said, pushed him to join the presidential race.

“Well, you see, our strategy normally is to allow people to continue to underrate us. Our politics is underground, not in the air. People could see and touch our supporters and these are committed supporters,” the former Kano State governor added.

“People who very much believe in our ideology; believe if we are given the opportunity, we are in a position to change many things for the better, and therefore, they also believe that if we get the position, the country will be a better place. That is why you see so many people everywhere in the country showing solidarity for our candidature.”


According to him, some months back, many persons doubted the party’s chances going into next year’s general elections. He, however, said the situation is now different.

“Seven months ago when we decided to join this party, many people thought we were not going anywhere,” Kwankwaso noted. “But by the grace of God, today in this country, everybody knows us.”

The NNPP flagbearer admitted that while he campaigned for President Muhammadu Buhari, he is unhappy with the level of joblessness among youths some of whom have now taken to drug abuse and banditry.

For Kwankwaso, if these issues are not addressed, it could lead to anarchy in the country.

He also promised to run an all-inclusive government if he wins next year’s presidential election.



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