The Governor of Katsina State, Aminu Bello Masari, has called on citizens residing in the state to acquire arms with a view to protecting themselves from incessant attacks by bandits now bedevilling the Northwest region of Nigeria.

A BBC Hausa report said that while discussing with journalists in Katsina,Masari said the number of police operatives in Katsina State was less than 3000, and expressed that government would assist citizens who would want to acquire arms so as to contribute in restoring the security situation

According to him, “security is everybody’s affair, irrespective of political difference.What the public should know is that in Katsina; you don’t have 3000 police. Therefore,we are calling on whoever wants to protect himself and his family to acquire arms.”

He said; “the religion of Islam has allowed a person to protect himself and his property and family.

“If you die in the course of protecting yourself, you die a martyr. The annoying fact is that bandits have access to guns and good people don’t have access to these guns with which they can use to protect themselves and their families”.


The Governor said government Will assist any person who would like to acquire arms in order to stop banditry.

“We will assist those who want to bring in arms because there is need for the people of Katsina to support the security agents,” he said.

The Governor, however, criticised the activities of vigilantes, saying “we do not trust the activities of vigilantes because they are leaving their places of origin to other towns.

“We prefer people defending their places origin themselves,” he said.



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